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Brand Story of AMOJI

Our story began in 2016, when we discovered that wearing clogs became a popular trend among large amount of people, but brands like crocs are too expensive for many people to afford. At that time,one dream came to our mind, and deeply led us, that we want everyone has the ability to wear high-quality and well-designed clogs with affordable price . To fulfill our dream,we have spared no efforts to improve the quality of our shoes. Today, we are proud and happy to tell you that we have achieved the goal of "A choice beside crocs".

"Golden Rule"

At AMOJI, we firmly believe in the "Golden Rule"——Trust is the most powerful force in business. From the startup, what we have done is to make everyone trust us and treat people with "Trust". From customers to manufacturers,and to our team members, what is important to us is that everyone deserves the trust and respect that all of us deserve.

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